Sarabjeet Singh

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General Counsel


General Counsel

Sarabjeet Singh

Sarabjeet has more than a decade of debt finance experience with a particular focus on real estate investment and development finance across the spectrum of senior, mezzanine and equity structures.

In his previous role, he worked as in-house counsel for ICICI Bank from 2012–2019 where he was responsible for managing a loan book exceeding £3 billion. Over the course of his career, he has been involved in all stages of a facility’s lifespan – from funding to recovery.

He has overseen fundraising activities in excess of £500 million from the Bank of England under the Term Funding Scheme and has handled bank-wide regulatory projects implementing GDPR, PSD2 and MiFID II. Sarabjeet has also acted in an advisory capacity on subsidiarising issues relating to Brexit and the phasing out of LIBOR.

At Hilltop Credit Partners, Sarabjeet is involved with all the legal aspects of transaction execution including structuring issues, as well as all internal legal workstreams including fund aspects, compliance and regulatory matters and loan management.

Sarabjeet holds a Bachelor of Laws and Arts from the National Law Institute and a Master of Laws (Distinction) with a specialisation in banking and finance from University College London.

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