Smart real estate investment

Backed by leading institutional investors...

And steered by our expertise, Hilltop Credit Partners is an investment advisor to funds that provide flexible funding solutions across the capital structure, tailored to individual projects and requirements.

We work collaboratively with selected partners including Bentall Green Oak and Marathon Asset Management to create financing solutions and opportunities that respond to demand.  We constantly review insight and market data to deliver the best investments.

We focus on affordability, quality, location and sustainability, to create a positive and lasting impact on our built environment. 


What our partners say:

Cherine Aboulzelof

It’s a tough capital raising environment for fund managers at the moment; we work with delivery partners like Hilltop who provide alternative investment solutions. Their expertise provides us with a range of smart investment solutions to easily access residential markets."

Cherine Aboulzelof
MD and Co-Head of BGO Strategic Capital Partners

Jon Braidley

The opportunity to lend money to experienced developers in a supply-constrained environment is always attractive, and through Hilltop Credit Partners we’ve been able to get great exposure to the residential market. Hilltop has an excellent track record and fully understands the value for both investors and developers."

Jon Braidley
Senior Managing Director of MCAP Global Finance LLP, Marathon Asset Management

Mohith Sondhi

Our bank is built on technology, it helps with the underwriting process and that’s why we work so well with Hilltop as a partner. Technology is expertly embedded into their process with a platform that allows us to share data efficiently - speeding up the decision-making process. They also effectively balance the human element for oversight and customer relationships."

Mohith Sondhi
Senior Director of OakNorth Bank

Led by technology

Our investment process:

Deal Sourcing

Deals sourced through our growing, proprietary network

Credit Underwriting

Technology-enabled process to evaluate and underwrite loans

Loan Monitoring / Servicing

Monthly financial and operational review of projects


Preferred exit is through sales or re-finance of units by the Developer

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