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The built environment continues to evolve and we continue to adapt and drive innovation

We provide a partnership approach to lending, and our diverse team have the experience and perspective to support our partners throughout the development journey from start to finish. We are able to constantly adjust to market conditions to provide the flexibility needed to deliver.

Backed by institutional investors, our funding helps to create sustainable and lasting developments that serve local communities.  Our deep market experience gives us the edge to target above-average risk-adjusted returns for our investors. Our leading advisory and funding capabilities ensure that our partners keep returning, choosing Hilltop Credit Partners to grow their business and achieve their vision. 

We are a true funding partner, not just another real estate development finance company.

We provide loans to support developers across the full life-cycle of a development

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Key Lending Criteria - Up to 75% LTGDV / 90% LTC



Established small and mid-sized developers with a demonstrable track record 


Developer equity:

10% (credit may be given for equity value embedded in land)


Loan Size:

From £5 million to £100 million+



As much as 90% Loan to Cost and up to 75% Loan to Gross Development Value



From 6% on drawn capital, paid at maturity


Loan term:

Between 12-36 months


Planning Permission:

Required, although application can proceed pending planning permission

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