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Accessible real estate finance

Expert in real estate finance

Expert in real estate finance

Built on over 30 years of experience in the UK and Europe, our diverse and expert team is enhanced by 360-degree sector knowledge in real estate development, investment management, credit, technology and communications.

We add value from site identification and acquisition through to construction, marketing and unit sales. We have the perspective and understanding of the development process, supporting both new and existing clients with leading advisory and management to ensure consistent and successful delivery.

Effective in offering our clients the best solutions

Effective in offering our clients the best solutions

With a long-term partnership approach to building better communities, we create smart and flexible development finance solutions allowing partners and investors to achieve sustainable, risk-adjusted returns.

We are reliable and motivated to support our clients through market cycles with transparency, to ensure economic value in funding projects and growing businesses, and social value in creating sustainable communities.

Evolved in the way we work

Evolved in the way we work

We champion an innovative approach that is constantly evolving.  Technology is embedded into our business with data-driven processes and market-leading analytics.  The Hilltop Credit Stream platform reduces the time it takes to process a loan application by an average of 50%. Our platform provides a real-time environment where borrowers interact directly with the underwriting process.

We have the flexibility and ability to respond to our client needs and sector demand rapidly, while still ensuring rigorous due diligence.  We strive to deliver best-in-class investment returns while providing creative financing solutions to help our development partners achieve their vision. 

Hilltop Credit Partners

The team

A diverse team of experienced professionals from development to investment, technology and marketing.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Paul Oberschneider

Paul Oberschneider is an investment professional with a 30-year successful track record in property development, asset management and financial structuring. He has developed over £1 billion in the UK and Continental European real estate markets...

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Tiger Craft, President and Chief Operating Officer
Tiger Craft

President and Chief Operating Officer

Jacob Andersen, Head of Transactions
Jacob Andersen

Head of Transactions

Sarabjeet Singh, General Counsel
Sarabjeet Singh

General Counsel

George Craven, Senior Construction and Development Advisor
George Craven

Senior Construction and Development Advisor

Amanda Chadwick, Senior PR and Communications Advisor
Amanda Chadwick

Senior PR and Communications Advisor

Karim Si-Ahmed, Head of Capital Strategies
Karim Si-Ahmed

Head of Capital Strategies

Hayley Cronin, Executive Assistant
Hayley Cronin

Executive Assistant

Lawson Conroy, Head of Asset Management
Lawson Conroy

Head of Asset Management

Charles Fletcher, Vice President, Debt Origination
Charles Fletcher

Vice President, Debt Origination

Aden Samuels, Associate, Execution and Monitoring
Aden Samuels

Associate, Execution and Monitoring

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