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We are passionate about residential property development. We invest in you and your business, and, like you, are exit driven. This means we take our partnership with you seriously, fostering a relationship and providing funding solutions that lead to successful projects.

We are founded by developers with more than 25 years’ experience working through market cycles. That means we know what it’s like being in your shoes – how important it is to react to the inevitable market changes that can occur during a project. With Hilltop you get the agility and entrepreneurialism you need across the project funding lifecycle. Backed by Round Hill Capital, a global real estate investment management firm based in London with an international footprint, we offer significant expertise, industry networks, dedicated financial firepower to deploy and a proven ability to deliver.

For SME developers, securing funding has been needlessly frustrating, time-consuming and expensive for too long. Our entire process is focused on helping you move quickly, so you can secure sites, build homes and sell them in a fast, cost-efficient manner.

How We Help Developers

Funding Parameters that Deliver Success

Hilltop Credit Partners provides a one-stop shop for up to 90% of your project cost. We eliminate the time, uncertainty, and cost associated with multiple sets of professional agreements and legal documents.

We make life a lot simpler for residential developers.

"The UK suffers from a structural shortage of housing that the average buyer can actually afford. The UK Government estimates a need for 300,000 new homes annually, a 60% increase over what has been delivered in the past five year. At Hilltop Credit Partners, we know that this will only be achieved with strong financial support for SME developers, who once built 40% of the UK’s housing stock but today build only 10%."

- Paul Oberschneider, Founder and CEO, Hilltop Credit Partners

To discuss how Hilltop Credit Partners could help your development, please get in touch with our expert team who will be happy to guide you further.

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