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In today’s ever-changing markets, it’s not business as usual

Due to a highly fragmented landscape, uk property development finance has become more complicated and demanding than ever.

We help developers who above all know their local markets, but need access to capital. We offer flexible solutions across the capital structure to help effectively scale their projects as well as grow their businesses.


Does this sound familiar?


>  Increased upfront capital required
>  Multiple funders for each development
>  Slow, inflexible process
>  Increased opportunity cost

Today’s developer undoubtedly needs a bigger tool kit of specialist financial skills. We combine development experience together with data-driven analytics  to help you make better decisions.

We are entrepreneurial, deal-driven and move quickly in order to provide the funding you need to seize opportunities.

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Your equity stretched further

Your exposure reduced

Time and uncertainty saved

Paul Oberschneider - Founder & CEO

“Hilltop provides one-stop property finance for as much as 97% of the project cost or 75% GDV. We therefore eliminate the uncertainty and cost associated with multiple sets of legal documents, surveyor reports and professional agreements.”

Paul Oberschneider
Founder & CEO

Our senior management team is financially committed to your project and our returns come from its completion – success matters equally to us as it does to you

Smart Capital: one-stop UK property finance for all your development needs

Secure sites, build and sell homes in a fast, cost-efficient manner. Hilltop’s funding process is focused specifically on your business.

We can provide up to 75% LTGDV / 97% LTC of your project all under one roof.

This eliminates the time, uncertainty and cost of multiple professional agreements and legal documents associated with traditional uk property development finance.

Hilltop’s Smart Capital lowers the overall cost of your funding.

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We make life a lot simpler for residential developers

By developers,
for developers

Hilltop are founded and run by developers with more than 30 years’ experience working through market cycles. We know what it’s like being in your shoes. We know how important it is to react to the inevitable market changes that occur during a project.

Because we lend deeper into the capital stack, we assume more of the risk and are fully aligned with you. As a result, we do more upfront ensuring your development is viable and, if something goes wrong, work with you to right it. We’re a true funding partner, not just another property development finance company. property development finance uk

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Up to 75% LTGDV – key funding features

Key Lending Criteria

Borrowers: Established small and mid-sized UK residential developers with demonstrable track records (also student and supported living)

Planning Permission: required, although application can proceed pending planning permission

Developer equity: 10% (credit may be given for equity in land or similarly contributed collateral, at fair market value)

Leverage: As much as 90% Loan to Cost and up to 75% Loan to Gross Development Value

Loan Size: From £5 million to £100 million+

Rates: From 8% on drawn capital, paid at maturity

Loan term: Between 12-36 months

Why choose Hilltop?


Unrivalled leverage – up to 75% LTGDV / 97% LTC



Move quickly with funds in as little as 6 weeks


Exit-driven funding structure aligns us with you



Frees you to focus on your developments



Minimal cash outlay helps grow and scale your business


Backed by partners with an $8bn global footprint

See what difference Hilltop’s property development finance can make to your bottom line. Register your interest below…


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